Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Riesling Time Photos - A Riesling Revelation

Our latest Once Upon A Table event, 'It's Riesling Time' was inspired by our Once Upon A Table novice sommelier Elisa. She wanted to share with our guests how diverse one type of wine made from one single grape could be have so many different styles from sweet, dry, light, full-bodied, minerally, or crisp and fruity. Hence, Riesling is known as the foodie lovers among chefs as it can pair with almost any dish. The menu planning was fun as Elisa chose the wines first and we then paired the food.

It was an eye opening Riesling revelation for our guests, many who have only tasted the more common sweet German Rieslings. The Clare Valley Riesling was really refreshing and had a lovely spring flower aroma, tart citrusy and peach flavors that matched perfectly with the spicy grilled Mexican fish tacos with mango salsa.

The Alsace Riesling and the Riesling Chicken liver pate and chargrilled gingerbread was moreish...we had guests sneaking into the kitchen scavenging for the remaining pate and gingerbread. We take that as a compliment!

But perhaps the most interesting Riesling was the German Winery Bretz, Riesling Ice Wine. This is one of the sweetest wines in the world and can be only be made where there are hard frosts as the grapes are collected and crushed in the winter whilst the grapes are frozen at -7 degrees. This very sweet, fruity wine paired perfectly with a strong blue cheese platter. Try it at home!

Special thanks to Stephanie who kindly hosted the event at her gorgeous home and gigantic kitchen. Also thanks to Dan who took some fabulous photos and broke his 6 month blogging dry spell to write a nice review about our homely secret supper club in his michelin star blog
Check out the wine list here if you want to buy them
Elegant Elisa pouring the first Riesling tasting
Argha's fresh Scallop Crudo with Edamame, Orange zest and Mint Oil
Paired with a chilled glass of Chilean Riesling (Photos Courtesy of Dan)
Sofia's sweet smile with the sweet mango salsa
Fresh fish of the day - Mexican spiced grilled fish tacos with mango salsa
We could have drunk quite a few glasses of this Clare Valley Riesling...mmmm
Angie and Argha plating up the chicken liver pate and gingerbread
The guests loved the Alsace Riesling served with Riesling Chicken liver pate with
caramelized onions on chargrilled gingerbread. Click to get the recipe.

'Delicious! I could eat an entire bowl of this pate with a spoon' said one satisfied guest.
Elisa and our guest Yi
The Sweet German Ice Wine made from frozen grapes - Try it out!
Blue Cheese Selection with Shreya's homemade beetroot jam and ginger pineapple jam
Mmmmmmmm strong stinky blue cheese
Riesling Popsicles getting ready to pop out
To finish, a cool summer dessert...Pear and Riesling Popsicles with fresh mint
Lovely guests Delphine, Ed, Stephanie with Elisa
Our guest Karen who loved our last Beer tasting event so much she had to come to
our Riesling tasting too!
Our guests Yeeman and Andrew chilling out with popsicles
Guest Yalun and Gracious host Stephanie
Guests: Yi and Cecilia

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  1. How much do I want to eat one of those popsicles! I think I may have to plan a trip to Hong Kong around your next evening event!