Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brewlicious: Beer tasting afternoon with Jeff the beer guru

This month we are pleased to bring you 'BREWILICIOUS' - a Once Upon A Table mini-event in collaboration with Foreign Devil beers importers.

This beer tasting event is for people who like good beer AND even for those who think they don't like beer. This will change your mind.

The afternoon includes the tasting of 6 artisanal beers and 5 small food plates, finishing with something sweet. The beer selection is curated by Jeff Boda, ex Beer Critic of The Chicago Tribune and Owner of Foreign Devil Beer Importers. Experience a range of remarkable craft brews each with a distinct character, flavour, aftertaste and it's own tale.

We will kick off with a refreshing wheat ale and a fruit-infused Japanese Summer ale. We then move onto a robust amber ale before sampling an intoxicating Belgian trappist ale. Finally we will sample a chocolate stout and then round off the tasting with a 15 year old digestif.

Each beer will be matched with delectable small plates of food that complement the beers, but don't distract.

Note: Don't expect any Heineken, Carlsberg or Budweiser!

Date: Saturday 25 June, 1-4pm
Venue: Secret venue to be revealed day before

RSVP: Bookings open Wednesday 15 June - 10am.
Spaces limited, first come first served.

Cost: $480 per person

Below - the full details of the craft brews and dishes we will serve up:

North Coast Blue Star Wheat Ale

Paired with Slow Roasted Fennel Tarts with thyme, lemon and goats cheese

Baird Shizuoka Summer Mikan Ale

Paired with White Fish Sashimi Bruschetta

Baird Red Rose Amber Ale

Paired with Hot and Smoky Cajun Chicken

Chimay Blue Trappist Ale

Paired with aged cheese, homemade crackers and fig paste

Rogue Chocolate Stout

Paired with homemade Twix - shortbread biscuit, caramel, covered in thin chocolate

Digestif: 15 year old Sam Adams Triple Bock

Bring your own cigars if you wish

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