HK -  sept 2014 TBC
Melb - september 2014 TBC (a few of us have been busy popping out babies)


Tale of Two Cities Dishes that celebrate the interesting cultural mix of people and food.

Passionately Paired: Unique food pairings perfect for a singles night

Mama Mia: Off-the beaten track Italian dishes

Twas Night before Christmas: Christmas dishes from around the world

Let there be Brunch: Lazy Sunday Brunch with essential slippers, newspapers and Bloody Marys

Around the World in 8 wines: A collaboration with food bloggers 'Kitchen Nomads' to bring you 8 different wines from unusual wine regions and 8 matching tasting dishes from around the globe.

Explore the Spice Route: 7 exotic spice tasting dishes from the spice route from Ancient Egypt to India, Persia, Mediterranean and Asia

Brewilicious Part 1: Craft brew beer tasting with Jeff-beer guru & critic. Exploring the unique flavors and aromas of 6 craft beers and matching food plates

Brewilicious Part 2: Collaboration with beer guru Jeff Boda from Hopleaf craft beer importers. Tasting new delicious beers including Morimoto the Iron Chef's Soba Ale and matching all the beers with beer infused small food plates

Arriba Arriba (Hurry! Rise Up!): A Mexican brunch fun filled fiesta with Huevo Rancheros, spicy corn fritters, homemade horchata, pancakes with dulce de leche and even pinata hitting!

It's Riesling Time:

Eating India:

Twisted Tapas:

Venetian Treasures

Journey on the Orient Express

Tale of Two Cities - Dubai and Mumbai pop up

Love Your Home - Melbourne 1'st secret supper dinner 

Lost in Jerusaleum - Melbourne's 2nd secret supper dinner