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Fabulous! A brilliantly conceived theme and menu that was thoughtfully, painstakingly and lovingly executed. The hosts were lively, informative and generous; the guests diverse, intelligent, articulate, well-traveled, and convivial. All lubricated with thoughtful wine-pairings and generous Saturday night pours... Many kudos and my sincere thanks!  - David

Fantastic food, lovely place. i start to love spice more. :)  - Ceci

Great home-cooked food. interesting wines. Entertaining conversations. I had a wonderful time.  – Maria

The food was fantastic. Such great flavors. And I loved that we got a packet of spices at the end. Hmm...What can I make with them?  - Kate

Better than I expected! Everyone and everything was so professional - from my warm welcome at the door, to the quality of the food, to the beautiful table setting and environment. Love that everything is driven by people with a passion.- Joan


I admit, anything Michelin in Hong Kong has largely bored me, and the food scene here has been relatively unsatisfying outside of my time exploring the private kitchen scene, but Once Upon a Table caught my eye as something a bit quirky and interesting. Basically, four amateur chefs and a sommelier try to tell stories through the medium of a meal, and a secret list of members gather each time to partake, each time at a different location somewhere in Hong Kong
My particular visit to Once Upon a Table was centered around the theme of “It’s Riesling Time,” which aimed to demonstrate the ability of riesling to pair with a breadth of dishes, from scallop crudo and fish tacos, to liver pate on gingerbread and cheese. I didn’t quite think all the rieslings paired perfectly, especially with the cheeses, but there were some winners, including my favourite dish of the evening–the homemade riesling pate on freshly baked gingerbread, which was kicked up a notch by a pairing from Alsace
Overall, kudos on the concept. Kudos on the dishes. And kudos for a good effort in trying to do some interesting pairings and getting a bunch of foodies together to enjoy. For anyone who hasn’t gone yet, you should definitely check it out. Probably catch you there next time! -Dan,

I had great time. The food and wine is perfect and I loved them all. - Yi

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable time on Saturday afternoon! All of the food was DIVINE! And the beer was a lot of fun, too. I can't wait for the next one.- Natasha