Monday, April 18, 2011

Around the World in 8 Wines

Our most recent secret gathering - Around the World in 8 Wines - was experimental in many ways, which made it stand out for us. And judging from the feedback, our guests loved it too. We partnered with The Kitchen Nomads and Fred Lam a genius photographer (check out some of Fred's pro pics below) which we thoroughly enjoyed. We tried a new venue - a spacious, converted warehouse right at the end of the Island Line in Chai Wan. And we focused the evening on wines from uncommon parts of the world which we then paired with an eclectic mix of delicious food. We were fortunate enough to have Africa2Asia sponsor a sensational South African Delheim Pinotage and S&D German Wines donate undiscovered "boutique wines" from Germany.

Elisa once again captivated guests as she took them on a journey to unusual wine regions, giving them the opportunity to experiment and discover new variations of classics. Who knew, for example, that a Rose could be gold coloured or that a Pinotage is exclusively produced in South Africa? Check out the pics below to get a feel for the fabulous night it was!

An early start as we prepare for the evening ahead

Magic hands, kneading away

Wrapping up the home-made ricotta in roast veg deliciousness Little details... (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)
Last minute timing review - one guest described this as "German prescision"!

The table is set, and we're nearly ready... (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)

The "Passport" we created for each guest included detailed tasting notes on each of the wines that were served as well as the menu we created to match with the wine - a nice little memento (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)

The finishing touches (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)

Elisa recaps her notes before guests arrive (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)

Getting ready to lay out the home-made bread. A German seed load, French baguette and Italian focaccia (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)

Cocktail preparation before our guests check in (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)

After checking in, guests mingle and warm up in the "Sky Lounge" as the sun sets over Victoria Harbour
A Cubano daiquiri with fresh lime and home-made Columbian plantain chips topped with guacamole and shavings of black truffle set the tone for a sensational evening. Tip* if you cannot get black truffle a bit of truffle pate on top of freshly made guacamole is simply divine! (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)

Our lovely guests engrossed in their "passports"

Elisa tells guests about this white wine from the Argentinian region of Torrontes

Our first course, a zingy Thai salad being plated

A David Thompson inspired spicy Thai salad with chargrilled seafood (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)

Local seabass ceviche topped with zesty pomello segments, mini BBQ corn cobs and a salty homemade ricotta finished with paprika and lime (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)
48 Hour - slow cooked mutton skewers marinated with coriander, ginger, chilli (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)

Our guest, Silvia exploring her passport!

Plating the home-made ricotta & roast vegetable parcels

Icy- fresh, home-made rock melon granita enhanced with a French pineau to cleanse the palate ready to be served

Guests taking a breather

Chocolate & cardamom mouse, topped with home-made hazelnut praline served alongside home-made rosemary & honey ice-cream finished with a home-made berry jam

Finishing the meal with a selection of French cheese ....

Once Upon A Table with the Kitchen Nomads - what a great team we made! (photograph courtesy of Fred Lam)