Monday, July 4, 2011

Brewilicious photos - a beer tasting extravaganza

Our guests Will and Kai Chin admire the golden, honey colors of the beer

What better way to spend a lazy hot Saturday in Hong Kong than sampling cold, refreshing and uniquely flavoured craft brewed beers with 16 lovely Once Upon A Table guests.

For Brewilicious we collaborated with Jeff Boda, beer guru from Foreign Devil beers who curated and showcased the 6 craft brewed beers. Guests were welcomed with a 'Michelda', a refreshing Mexican beer cocktail made with chilled beer, lots of ice, a few drops of Tabasco sauce and a wedge of lime.

Jeff started the tasting in a tiny Japanese fishing village, where they brew a complex blonde ale with tart citrus notes. It was then on to Belgium for something a bit darker, with a hint of caramel, from the local Trappist monks. We finished our journey in America with a Rogue Chocolate Stout, made with real chocolate and accompanied by home made Twix. Jeff had one last adventure for our guests, perhaps the most surprising been many of them had ever tasted, a 15 year old aged Samuel Adams Triple Bock with the smoothness of Port.

The tasty plates of food we matched to the flavour of the beers, were gobbled up hungrily.

Special thanks to one of our guests Andrew who generously opened up his home in Sheung Wan as the Brewilicious secret venue.

Thanks also to our awesome guests!
Menu Message in a Bottle
Lovely guests Karen and Yeeman
To complement the refreshing North Coast Blue Star Wheat Ale,
Shreya made warm roast fennel and gouda cheese tarts
Jeff the beer guru passionately sharing his love and respect for craft brews
Guests chilling out and savoring the full flavors of the beers
Check out the beautiful golden, honey colors
Angie's Whitefish Sashimi Bruschetta with coriander, red onion and lime juice...very moreish
Topping up again
Beautiful beer labels
What better to pair a crisp, malty amber ale beer than ale marinated chicken. yum Argha!
We think the Trappist Belgium beer making would have enjoyed kicking back with some strong cheeses, homemade strawberry jam, homemade pineapple jam with ginger and homemade paprika crackers.
The lovely ladies guests - Jana, Fu Ting and Agatha
Thank you from the Once Upon A Table Team - Argha, Shreya, Angie
The ultimate sweet tooth fix - Homemade Twix bars with crunchy shortbread,
chewy sweet caramel and milk chocolate
To finish a 15 year vintage beer that tastes like a port or sherry!!

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